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PX-MFC 90 D Lab Mill with Hammer Grinding

PX-MFC 90 D Lab Mill with Hammer Grinding

Hammer grinding / Laboratory mill, dry sample preparation with CH-power cable, hammer grinding attachment, sieve 2.0 mm, tool set, rack for tubes with 12 intercepting tubes  (230 V)

Analysis or quality control requires finely ground samples. Easy to change grinding attachments and sieves extend the range of any samples that can be processed. Simple handling, high user safety and efficient grinding results are just a few of the advantages of this mill.

Kinematica AG

Lab mill with hammer grinding

This laboratory mill is characterized by a very robust design using solid milled parts and hardened components that have been designed for high wear and tear found with such processes as grinding of stones which can have a hardness of up to 6 on the Mohs scale. You will receive tried and tested Swiss quality.


– Dust protected main safety switch
– Gearless speed control
– Illuminated speed- and status display
– Funnel with hinged lid
– Refilling during operation is possible depending on the product
– Sample dosing or addition with turnstile
– Tight-fitting stodger in grinding chamber for subsequent application of pressure
– Grinding attachment variants can be easily changed by customer
– Tool free sieve change
– Motor stop when opening grind chamber
– Very simple cleaning process
– Carrying handle
– Very quiet maintenance-free motor
– Integrated excess load-, excess heat- and jam protection
– Automatic standby mode

Results are crucial

Attainable particle sizes:
< 40µm (depending on product)

Sieve kernel sizes:
1 / 5 of sieve diameter is the approximately attainable kernel size e.g. sieve 0.2 mm / 5 = 0.04 mm (40µm)

Grinding attachment variants:
Hammering / Cutting from hardened stainless steel
Hammer attachment: brittle samples Cutting attachment: stringy, fibrous samples