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IR5 FTIR Spectrometer

IR5 FTIR Spectrometer

  • Outstanding Performance – High sensitivity and spectral resolution
  • Photoluminescence Upgrade – Fourier Transform PL upgrade with a choice of laser source
  • Configurable – Option for a second detector enhancing sensitivity at selected spectral ranges
  • User-friendly – Simple to operate and suitable for all user levels, from beginner to advanced
  • Maintenance Free – No maintenance required with moisture control technology
  • Miracle™ Software – Powerful and intuitive software designed specifically for the IR5

Edinburgh Instruments

Product Description

The IR5 is a high-performance benchtop Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer from Edinburgh Instruments.

The IR5 is the perfect choice for analytical and research applications such as polymer, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical samples, offering simple operation as well as fast and accurate results. IR absorption, transmission, reflectance, and infrared photoluminescence can all be measured in the IR5 using only one software package, Miracle™.

Technical Specifications

Standard Configuration Spectral Range 8000 – 350 cm-¹
Sensitivity SNR ≥ 20,000:1
Resolution 0.5 cm-¹, 1 cm-¹, 2 cm-¹, 4 cm-¹, 8 cm-¹, 16 cm-¹, 32 cm-¹
Accuracy 0.5 cm-¹
Source High-intensity ceramic source
Detector DLaTGS
Beamsplitter Germanium coated KBr
Hygroscopic Integrity Integrated desiccants, electronic dry-membrane, embedded LCD and software hygrometers for maintenance-free operation
Windows KBr window exchangeable by user
Operating Voltage Universal mains input 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Detector Upgrade Second Detector Additional detector fitted to the instrument optimising its spectral range
Detector options include InSb, InGaAs, and MCT
PL Upgrade Fourier Transform Photoluminescence Capability External PL excitation laser mount, laser is freely exchangeable
Dedicated PL sample holder for maximum signal-to-noise ratio
Intuitive photoluminescence acquisition wizard in software
Sample Accessories Transmission Sample Holder Compatible with films and cuvettes
Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) Basic and advanced ATR models available with a choice of crystal (diamond, Ge, ZnSe)
Photoluminescence Sample Holder Suitable for solid samples, powders, and liquids
Others Diffuse reflectance, custom and third-party accessories available
Software Miracle Powerful and intuitive software for data acquisition, analysis and presentation, full
control of all interferometer, amplifier, temperature and humidity monitoring
Measurement Types Transmission, Absorption, Reflection, Kubelka-Munk, FT-PL
Acquisition Modes Live signal monitoring, single scan (including user-defined methods), kinetic series
Dimensions W x D x H 660 mm x 540 mm x 300 mm
Weight 37 kg



The Miracle software package is designed specifically for the IR5 FTIR spectrometer with a focus on ease of use and smooth workflow. Miracle controls every aspect of your experiment, from instrument setup to data acquisition, analysis and reporting, ensuring intuitive operation at every step.

The Miracle package offers two user levels making it suitable to a wide range of applications. Standard user mode is optimal for analysis and teaching labs where routine experiments are carried out. Advanced user mode unlocks instrument configuration options and complex analysis functions, suitable for R&D and the most demanding applications.

Data analysis in Miracle is highly flexible: it is possible to undo or rearrange processing steps, so you can access the raw data and fine-tune your analysis. The software allows you to reapply apodization with a different function, for better comparison with other spectra.

Miracle Key Features

  • Selection of spectral resolution and wavenumber range
  • Live signal monitoring, single scan, kinetic series
  • Pre-programmed methods for repeating routine analysis
  • Advanced user mode for complex applications
  • Instrument validation wizards
  • User calibration
  • Data operations including choice of apodization, baseline subtraction, arithmetical operations, cropping, smoothing, interpolation, etc.
  • Comprehensive peak analysis wizard with a range of peak parameters and fitting algorithms
  • Photoluminescence measurement wizard included with FT-PL upgrade
  • User-configurable layout and data presentation
  • Export data into CSV, TXT
  • File format compatible with FTIR databases


Standard Sample Holder

Transmission sample holder for 50mm x 50mm filters and slides included with every IR5.

This holder also serves as a mount for a variety of vertical liquid and film holders and may also be used to support gas cells.

Standard Sample Holder

ATR Sampling Accessories

A variety of ATR options are offered for powder, liquid, film and bulk samples.

Single and multiple reflection ATR crystals are available such as diamond, germanium and ZnSe, as well as sandwich materials including ZnSe/diamond.

Single-Reflection ATR


PL Sample Holder

A sample holder accessory is available for photoluminescence measurements using laser excitation.

The PL sample holder is placed in the sample position of the IR5 spectrometer. The laser used for excitation of the sample is mounted on the side of the IR5.


Liquid Sample Holder

Accessory for routine measurement of liquids which accommodates horizontal liquid holders with a variety of optical path lengths.

Liquid Sample Holder

Temperature Controlled ATR

Temperature-dependent FTIR measurements on films, liquids, powders and bulk samples can be performed using temperature-controlled ATR accessories, from room temperature up to >100oC

Temperature Controlled ATR

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