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PTWS 1420 USP/EP Tablet Dissolution Testing Instrument

PTWS 1420 USP/EP Tablet Dissolution Testing Instrument

The new 14+2 station dissolution testing instrument – ideal for comparative studies such as biowaiver tests.
The PTWS 1420 is a 14+2-position, “dual drive” compact tablet dissolution testing instrument for solid dosage forms as described in USP chapter <711/724> and EP section<2.9.3/4> as well as the BP, DAB and Japanese Pharmacopeia section <15>. The instrument features 14 testing positions and includes two additional standard size vessels for media refilling and reference standard media. PTWS 1420 features independent stirrer speed control for the left and right half of stirrers.


Pharma Test

Perfect Biowaiver Solution

PTWS 1420 dissolution tester is the first tablet dissolution testing instrument from Pharma Test featuring 14 full size stirred vessel positions. The vessels are arranged in a two times 6+1 configuration.  This way not only your samples but also the standard or reference media will be heated and stirred by the instrument. In addition PTWS 1420 features two additional heated full size vessels to store the replacement media for systems including an auto sampler. This way also the replacement media, which is filled into the vessels after sampling, always has the same temperature as the test media – eliminating any influence on the dissolution test due to the refilling of cold media. The 14+2 vessel design of PTWS 1420 makes this instrument an excellent choice for Biowaiver applications and offline automated systems.

Password Controlled

Access to the instrument can be password controlled if required. If certain operational parameters form a regular feature of the daily routine, then these can be incorporated into a test method for faster set up. These parameters can be tool speed, target bath temperature, sampling time points and so on. The test method memory capacity is almost limitless. As soon as the test is started, a screen saver can be activated with the most important information displayed in large script so that this information remains visible even at time when the operator is not standing directly in front of the instrument.

User Interface

In keeping with our cutting edge design, a large color, touch screen allows control of the various mechanical features of the instrument such as the tool stirring speed, lift drive and heater. The instrument control is menu driven using a resistive touch screen and selection wheel technology. Visual signals on the display inform the user of the status of critical instrument parameters, e.g. bath target temperature not reached. Access to the instrument can be password controlled if required.

As soon as the test is started, a screen saver can be activated with the most important information displayed in large script, like count-down timer so that this information remains visible even at time when the operator is not standing directly in front of the instrument.

Stirring Tools

The PTWS 1420 uses the Pharma Test MonoShaft™ design. Tools consist of the main shaft plus interchangeable tool heads (adapters). The main shaft remains in place in the instrument regardless of the tool head being used. The clearance of each tool from the vessel base will always be correct once the main tool shaft has been installed and qualified with any one of the tool sets once. Each stirrer can be raised by hand into a convenient position for easy vessel removal or insertion. PTWS 1420 is capable to perform a staggered start for each of the 14 testing positions, which is essential in manual operation.

Auto Vessel Centering System

The PTWS 1420 features a new auto vessel centering system using a plastic ring which serves to both hold and center the dissolution vessel. The access points for sampling as well as the openings for the tools are contained in an auxiliary, low evaporation, vessel cover. Each USP Borosilicate glass vessel has a unique batch code on top of the flange for easy visibility and positioned placement inside the water bath cover.

Lift Mechanism

The upper drive is motorized and electronically controlled it offers eight programmable positions: an upper cleaning and instrument qualification position and lower working positions are programmable depending on the type of stirring tool used. The upper position offers ideal access to the stirring tools and vessels for a change of tools and cleaning steps between the dissolution tests. The motorized drive head lifting mechanism is positioned in a way so that the tool shafts are always kept parallel and at a 90° angle to the vessel walls when in the working position.

Automation Capabilities

The motorized EPE-1420 sampling system lowers the sampling probes into the media and after sampling raises them back out again. 8 different sampling positions can be programmed. The ITM-1420 individual media temperature monitoring system is attached to the EPE-1420 and will read and report the vessel media temperatures in all 14 vessels while sampling. The motorized TMA-1420 tablet dropping magazine completes the set of useful accessories for automation. The magazine insures the simultaneous drop of up to 14 samples. It covers all vessels and ensures low evaporation rates during the dissolution test. The magazines include magnetic holders for the tube cleaning device.

Space Requirements

A key point in today’s crowded labs is the footprint of the PTWS 1420 compared to two conventional dissolution baths. With less than 100cm of total width for the main instrument, PTWS 1420 features a sturdy design and yet makes optimal use of the limited space available in a typical laboratory.


  • Automated temperature check and log at all sampling times
  • Fully USP <711/724> and EP <2.9.3/4> compliant
  • 14 stirred vessel positions, 2 additional heated vessels for replacement media
  • Dual drive configuration with two stirrer motors
  • CAN Bus technology offering instrument suitability check prior to start of a test run
  • Staggered start capability
  • Vessel low evaporation sealing covers
  • Removable water bath for easy cleaning
  • Drainage tap to empty the bath
  • Method management and user administration
  • User access control
  • Optical and acoustic signals to inform about sampling intervals,
  • Timer count down function
  • Traffic Light optical information on display shows the instrument status by different colors (green = ready to use, yellow = preparing to use, red = error encountered)
  • OQ, PQ interval warning with programmable interval
  • Interfaces: USB port for remote control of the PTWS 1420, RS232 port to connect serial devices, I/O port for remote control of external instruments in automated applications, like DSR-M, pumps
  • Calibration menu for stirrer speed, bath temperature and moreand PTFC-16