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8700 Single Quadrupole GC-MS
The SCION 8700 Single Quadrupole (SQ) GC Mass Spec (GC-MS) is designed for today’s fast paced analytical laboratory. Innovative design features such as a Lens-Free ion path, heated ion optics and an Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) detector enable the SCION SQ to deliver accurate quantification and identification on a routine basis, even in complex matrices.


SCION 8700 SQ GC-MS Brochure

SCION 8700 SQ GC-MS SpecSheet

The SCION SQ GC-MS system offers increased sensitivity due to its lens-free design, which significantly reduces ion loss as they pass through the instrument. Additionally, the source is the only component requiring regular cleaning and maintenance, so you can spend less time maintaining your instrument and more time analysing samples. The SQ is fully compatible with SCION 8300 or 8500 GC systems and can be used as a standalone instrument or as an additional detector.


  • Innovative lens-free ion path delivers simplifies tuning
  • Off axis source and detector increase sensitivity
  • Active focusing Q0
  • Dual filament source increases uptime
  • Compound-based scanning software



No matter the requirements or the scope and scale of the project, SCION’s 8700 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer is here to provide a reliable, automated solution. We offer two customizable sampler systems – the 8400 Pro and 8410 Pro – in order to most effectively meet the unique needs and workloads of every customer. We can also easily integrate other sampler systems, such as Versa Headspace or CTC PAL-xt, to the SCION GCMS platform.


  • 8400 Pro AutoSampler; 100 sample capacity
  • 8410 Pro AutoInjector; low cost, accommodates 2, 5 and 10 ml vials
  • SPME
  • dual/duplicate injection


SCION offers tailored and pre-made GC-MS systems, following standardised methods for the chemical industry. These systems grant our clients product specification agreement and dependable results. Additionally, we provide 24/7 uptime support with end-to-end backup and automation for ultimate infrastructure reliability. All of these solutions are designed specifically for the industry.


SCION’s SQ GC-MS offers exceptional sensitivity, high sample throughput, and minimal downtime, making it the ideal instrument for pharmaceutical research, synthesis, and production processes. From chemical and biological synthesis to analyzing drug components and quantifying APIs, the GC-MS allows for comprehensive preliminary drug screening and quality control. Moreover, its precision, accuracy, and nonstop operation make it a preferred choice in medical fields such as clinical toxicology, drug abuse detection, and new-born metabolic disorder screening. Through this combination of specifications, the SQ GC-MS can be utilized in a variety of ways for the drug development, synthesis, and production stages.


SCION offers a suite of dedicated GC-MS solutions designed for the monitoring of all environmental contaminants. Our pre-concentration techniques, coupled with the absolute accuracy of our detection processes, permit sub ppb level identification. We provide a wide variety of environmental testing solutions, ranging from headspace VOC analysis of water to pre-configured GC-MS systems for detecting pesticide residues and varying types of SVOCs. Our services guarantee the most optimal results. Discover why we provide the most reliable solutions for even the most complex requirements.


SCION offers optimized GC-MS systems developed for the food industry that combine pre-concentration techniques and specific detection to detect even trace levels. Whether you’re looking for headspace systems, pre-configured solutions, or custom analysers, we have the right solution for any application you may require.