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BX43 Manual System Microscope

BX43 Manual System Microscope

High Performance in a Cost-Effective System

The modular BX43 microscope enables you to choose between cost-efficient and advanced configurations, depending on your needs. Modular components, such as ergonomic observation tubes and stages, make it simple to customize your microscope to your application.

A product of Evident formerly known as Olympus – for more information click on logo:

High Color Rendering White LED

With luminosity equivalent to a 30 W halogen lamp, this long-lasting LED provides a consistent color temperature at any brightness level with an estimated 20,000-hour lifetime.

Maintain Brightness when Changing Magnifications

The light intensity manager eliminates the step of having to adjust the brightness when changing magnification, helping you complete your work faster and with less eye strain.

Customizable for Different Observation Styles

Modular units enable you to customize your microscope for brightfield, polarization, phase contrast, and fluorescence. Modular options include:

  • Condensers
  • Observation Tubes
  • Nosepieces
  • Stages
  • Objectives
  • Intermediate optics

Observe Cellular Tissue

The LPLN40X objective enables you to image thick, clear samples at 40X magnification. The objective’s correction collar makes it easy to adjust for the spherical aberration caused by differences in cover glass thickness to get clear images.