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Ashing Box Furnace with Integrated Control System

Ashing Box Furnace with Integrated Control System

Ashing Box Furnace with Integrated Control System (1100°C)
The XSB ashing furnaces are designed to provide ideal conditions for complete combustion of test samples. They have a hinged vertical lift door that keeps the hot door insulation always facing away from the operator. A door safety switch interrupts power to the heating elements when the door is opened.


These furnaces use wound wire heating elements that are protected by hard ceramic plates. The furnace chamber, heating elements, hearth plate and chamber threshold are designed to be easily replaced if they become worn out.

An air gap between the heated chamber exterior and furnace exterior surface is designed to minimize the external surface temperature of the furnace.


  • 1100°C maximum operating temperature (continuous operating temperature is 100°C below maximum temperature)
  • Perfect for ashing petrochemicals, coal, food, plastics and other hydrocarbons
  • Conforms to ASTM specifications D874, D482, D5184, D3174 and ISO specifications 3987, 6245, 10478, 1171
  • Air is preheated before entering chamber
  • Air inlet and exhaust chimney provide 6 air changes per minute
  • Optional air flow metering allows for 2-10 air changes per minute
  • Thermcraft SmartControl touch screen PID control system (see control system descriptions)
  • Long life inconel sheathed Type K thermocouple
  • Heated chamber volume up to 40L
  • 10′ (3m) power cables
  • Furnace and controller ship fully assembled and ready for connection to incoming power supply


  • The SmartControl can be upgraded to include profile programming, data acquisition and communications. These options can be purchased individually or separately and can also be purchased as an upgrade after the unit has been shipped and installed
  • Adjustable air flow meter to reduce or increase air flow rate
  • Sample trays and crucibles
  • Eurotherm 2404 series controls and communications upgrades
  • Custom options and upgrades available upon request, such as output control of external devices, actuators, flow controllers, etc. (extends delivery time)