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Thermal Cycler (PCR) Biometra TRIO Series

Thermal Cycler (PCR) Biometra TRIO Series

Biometra TRIO Series
Three PCR Devices in One

  • Three independent sample blocks for ultimate flexibility
  • Temperature Optimization Step technology to determine the optimal annealing temperature
  • Protocol Wizard and Advanced User Management included for convenient operation

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The Biometra TRIO is a unique PCR system that provides you with maximum flexibility, in which three different PCR protocols can run simultaneously or when a large sample number shall be processed.
More than 30 Years PCR Competence for Research and Routine Use

In the Analytik Jena thermal cycler portfolio, every user will find the right device: The Biometra product family offers PCR devices ranging from standard to premium equipment – all designed in line with the common principles of being reliable, convenient, and precise.

  • Designed for error-free use in versatile laboratory environments: universal block design and heating lid with High-Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) technology for unrestricted use of different plastic containers and plates
  • Easily optimize your PCR protocols using the TOS (Temperature Optimization Step) function
  • Full reliability of your results: The high-precision block temperature control system provides high heating and cooling rates and excellent temperature homogeneity for constant conditions across all sample positions.


Tradition Meets Innovation

Analytik Jena can look back on a long tradition of developing high-quality, highly precise analytical systems. The Biometra thermal cyclers stand for high-performance sample blocks. Amplification results are always excellent and reliable with ideal reproducibility.

The Biometra thermal cycler family offers a range of high-quality models to meet individual user needs. All models can also be controlled and monitored live from the desk via the optional Biometra TSuite thermal cycler management software.

The Biometra TRIO thermal cycler includes three independent blocks in one instrument. Both multiuser environments as well as users with lower sample numbers but different samples will enjoy this model. The three-block design and the specific Temperature Optimization Step function support the fast optimization of ideal annealing temperatures. Highly accurate block control and heating rates up to 5°C/s lead to highly specific and fast results. You can use the three sample blocks for 0.2 mL tubes/plates or 0.5 mL tubes to amplify or incubate a large number of samples at the same time. Laboratories that often use new protocols benefit from this versatility. The professional user management is perfect for laboratories with a large number of users.

Innovation and Experience for the Best PCR Results

Essential for research

For rapid success, it is essential to have suitable tools at hand. For polymerase chain reactions (PCR), optimization of the annealing temperatures is crucial when it comes to achieving accurate results. In the Biometra TRIO three-block device, the Temperature Optimization Step (TOS) function rapidly sets three different annealing temperatures in the three blocks. The programs are started simultaneously. Therefore optimal amplification conditions can be found quickly during a PCR run.

  • Optimization of the PCR protocol for new primer pairs in one run
  • Optimal annealing temperatures lead to the best specificity and yield
  • Easy transfer of results thanks to largely linear temperature steps from column to column
  • Quality through design, innovation and experiences

Biometra thermal cyclers are designed so users can rely on their results. The data accuracy of these systems pairs exceedingly well with its easy to use design.

  • A sophisticated temperature control system without exceeding or falling below the target temperature ensures transparency and maximum experimental reproducibility in all block positions.
  • The High-Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) ensures uniform temperatures and no condensation in the cover/block space, regardless of the plastic materials used.
  • The extremely quiet operation allows for the use of a large number of cyclers in labs with office areas.
  • A broad range of PCR plastics can be used due to the universal block design and adjusting cover pressure.
  • Everybody finds the right thermocycler for themselves from the range of block materials and formats.
  • The instruments come with low space requirements thanks to an efficient air flow design